Little Farm Animals: Box of 12 Mini Horses

Little Farm Animals: Box of 12 Mini Horses

  • $2500

CollectA animals are strong and sturdy, comply with New Zealand safety standards and are wonderful toys for imaginative play.

Our animal sets are great gifts on their own or in addition to a little farm fence set! These little guys come packed in a tube that is the perfect size to give as a gift.

The case includes 1 of each of the following horses:

  •  Shire Mare
  • Thoroughbred Mare
  • Arabian Stallion
  • Mustang Stallion
  • Morgan Stallion
  • Andalusian Stallion
  • Hanoverian Stallion
  • Friesian Stallion
  • Quarter Horse Stallion
  • Clydesdale Stallion
  • Lipizzaner Stallion
  • Appaloosa Stallion
  • Suitable for ages 3+

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