About Us

The NZ Crate Company was born in a shed in South Canterbury- A shed that some very understanding parents-in-law own. We are a family owned and operated business. 

Our idea has grown far beyond what we ever imagined on day one. We believe in the sustainability and beauty of wood. To produce something that lasts more than one go-round and that can be replaced without damage to the environment is a real pleasure. This journey began when we needed some storage in our character building house (that's a nice way of saying very old with NO cupboards), then a few others wanted some and now we send thousands across New Zealand every year- it still blows our minds.

At The NZ Crate Company we make a range of bespoke wooden crates for all occasions and range of little farm products for your little people. Our little farm range makes us smile everytime we receive feedback from our lovely customers about how much joy their families have had creating and playing with these little farms- just the way we used to when we were kids. Please never stop sending us your pictures xx

Our personalised wooden storage crates have been used for toy boxes, gift hampers, storage systems, marketing events, point of sale and display purposes- just to name a few. We are sure our crates will last you a lifetime, if you look after them and fill them with all of your treasures. There are heaps of ways an NZ Crate Company crate can be useful, your imagination is all that limits you!

Apologies to our friends around the globe, we only sell our crates in New Zealand. 

Abby France